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3 Common Racine Roofing Problems in the Winter

The continuous freezing and thawing throughout the winter can make common roofing problems much worse, and even though it can be dangerous to repair roofing problems in the winter waiting until spring only makes the problem worse. Racine Roofing Contractors know that the key to a trouble-free holiday season is to schedule a roof inspection.

  1. Condensation In Your Attic

    When cool surfaces come in contact with warm air condensation is formed. An inadequately insulated and ventilated attic is a top nominee for the development of condensation, which is most likely going to result in mold and mildew and damage to the interior framing of your house. If you want to prevent condensation from occurring, make sure your attic's insulation is sufficient and your vents are working properly. According to Racine Roofers, improper attic ventilation contributes to ice dam formation and decreases the lifespan of your roof.

  2. Tree Branches

    Big trees near your home can create serious problems during the winter. Large limbs looming above your roof can get weighed down with snow and damage your roofs protective layer when they break. Make sure you have at least a 10-foot span between your home and any tree branches or you may end up with a crisis situation that prescribes Racine roofing services.

  3. Pre-Existing Damage

    If your house was hit by severe weather this past year and you haven't had it inspected yet, the cold weather can make existing damages more difficult to fix for a Racine roof repair professional, and your wallet. Snow and ice accumulating combined with the fluctuating temperatures can cause leaks, mold formation, and decrease the structural integrity.

Give us a call at (262) 859-3566 to schedule a roofing inspection, our trained and professional staff is happy to assist you!

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December 7, 2018
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